Med-e Move Premium Folding Wheelchair with Dual Brakes


ManufacturerMedequip Healthcare Solutions LLP
Product Description
  • Black Powder Coated Frame
  • Premium Washable Nylon Upholstery that provides more comfort to the patient
  • Fixed PVC Padded Armrest
  • Height Adjustable Durable Footrest
  • 8″ Front Solid Composite Castors
  • 22″ Spoke and Aluminum Solid Rubber Rear Wheels
  • Attendee Hand Brakes
  • Fixed Seatbelt & calf strap
  • Manufactured in India

The best wheelchair with comfortable and padded upholstery, armrest, footrest, efficient brakes, and provides comfortable mobility for both long-term and short-term period

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ManufacturerMedequip Healthcare Solutions LLP
Product Description
Wheelchairs are a one-time investment that has to be made right. If you are looking for a simple wheelchair that serves you the purpose, Medemove’s basic wheelchair is designed with features that are convenient and reliable to the user.

Medequip basic wheelchair is designed with upholstery that is comfortable and skin-friendly. Also, the upholstery is washable, which allows for maintaining hygiene.

Armrests are an important factor as the person in the wheelchair will not have too many support options while changing their position.

Padded and well-cushioned armrests help the person to adjust the position comfortably.

Medemove simple wheelchair is also featured with adjustable height footrest. It gives the person avoid numbness in the leg by frequently changing the position of the foot and provides added comfort.


Benefits of Medemove Basic Wheelchair

  • Cost-effective: Medemove basic wheelchair price is pocket-friendly and helps you to invest right w.r.t basic wheelchair.
  • Helpful features: The quality of the upholstery to adjustable footrests and padded armrests, the Medemove Basic Wheelchair is created, keeping the comfort of the user at utmost priority.
  • Safety Features: Attendee handbrakes are easy yet hold an absolute grip on the wheelchair to keep the user safe during breaks. Also, the fixed seatbelt and calf strap ensure user safety.
  • Washable Upholstery: Upholstery is an important feature of any basic wheelchair as the person will be seated for a longer period. The upholstery is tested and is a skin-friendly material that helps prevent pressure sores.
  • The nylon upholstery of the Medemove Basic Wheelchair is washable, helps prevent skin rashes and allergies, and is effective in maintaining hygiene.



Width66.5 cm
Width in folded condition21 cm
Height88 cm
Maximum Weight can carry110 Kg

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