Power One P10 Hearing Aid Battery, Pack of 6 Cells


SizePower One P10 Battery Cell for Hearing Aids

PowerOne P10 Hearing Aid Battery is a top-quality hearing aid battery designed for optimal performance.

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Product Description
Power One P10 Hearing Aid Battery – Quality Made in Germany

Power One P10 Hearing Aid Battery is a premium product designed to deliver exceptional performance for your hearing aids.

Quality Made in Germany: Our hearing aid batteries are proudly manufactured in Ellwangen, Germany, at the world’s largest and most advanced production site for hearing aid batteries. Utilizing fully automated high-speed production lines, the manufacturing process minimizes manual interventions, ensuring minimal risk of errors.

Optimum Service Life And Performance: Thanks to our patented cathode technology, our batteries offer a prolonged service life with a guaranteed high cell voltage. Say goodbye to frequent battery changes and enjoy the best sound quality.

Extreme Reliability: Our power one batteries are engineered with a three-fold sealing design and patented PTFE film technology, ensuring additional safety even in extreme environmental conditions. PTFE, also known as Teflon® or Gore-Tex®, is a unique type of plastic known for its non-stick properties and breathability.

Perfect Anti-corrosion Protection: The stainless steel housing provides exceptional stability and reliable protection against corrosion.

100% Tested: Each individual cell undergoes rigorous testing to ensure it meets all electrical and mechanical specifications.

Quick Activation: With an optimized system for extremely low internal resistance, our batteries activate within seconds once the tab is removed.

Long Shelf Life: Our highly developed film seal guarantees that the battery does not dry out or drain prematurely. We’ve demonstrated this long shelf life through extensive tests, even under extreme climatic conditions.

Award-Winning Packaging:
Our batteries come with user-friendly features:

  • “comfort tab”: An extra-long tab for easy removal.
  • “comfort pack”: A double-walled pack with an integrated rotary dispenser for secure protection.
  • “power seal”: A quality seal ensuring untouched original packaging and factory testing. The resealable system allows secure closure after battery removal.


Why Zinc Air Technology?
Zinc air batteries boast a high energy density and an almost flat drain curve, making them the perfect power supply for today’s digital hearing aids.

The batteries are initially sealed with a protective tab to remain in an “inactive state” until needed. With a mere 3% self-drain per year, zinc air batteries with protective tabs provide long-lasting storage. The film is removed upon insertion into the hearing aid, and after a few seconds of activation time, the battery begins producing current.

In the activated state (with protective tab removed), zinc air batteries should be used promptly as they can only be stored for a limited period.

Directions For Use: Follow the instructions on the label for proper usage.

Safety Information:

  • Prioritize safety by carefully reading the label before use.
  • Store in a cool, dry place, away from direct sunlight.
  • Keep out of reach of children.

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